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How much fertilizer should I apply?

From now on, your plants will answer this question.

Determine nitrate faster and more accurately

through innovative biosensor test strips, developed by us.

Remote sensing increases performance

in Kombination mit den im Feld ermittelten Nährstoffbedarf der Pflanzen.

Less fertilizer and higher yields

promote sustainable production and thus increase environmental compatibility.

The project

In the LiveSen-MAP project, we will work with farmers to collect a high-resolution data set on crop nutrient status over multiple growing seasons to validate and apply a range of predictive models to create field- and region-specific fertilizer recommendations.

The team

Our team is versatile. Our areas of expertise are agriculture, economics, chemistry, computer science and innovation management. Our shared vision is to establish sustainable agricultural practices by combining precise field and remote sensing to enable AI fertilizer recommendations.

We have a vacancy!

Student or research assistant wanted from January.